Detox Retreat

7  Day  Detox  Retreat

An intensive program with the goal to detox and rejuvenate on a physical level and even more triggering an inner transformation.
Accompained with steady and meditative Hridaya Hatha Yoga


– 2 Yoga-classes daily (with Breathwork and Meditation)
– Daily Detox-Shakes with Aloe Vera and fresh herbs
– Intermittent fasting (no food between 6PM and 9:30AM)
– Recommendations on diet, oil pulling, Aloe Vera and more
– Small groups with personal attendance
– Sauna visit & Posture Workshop

Q 1290 / USD 180

20% off for Hridaya students
10% off early Bookings (minimum 1 week ahead)
xx% off for who helps me with doing the shakes

La Paz,  Hotel / Restaurant offers
(in combination with this Retreat):
  • HEALTHY Fullboard during 7 Days for Q 790 / USD 110
    (Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free)
  • 6 Night-special Rate (10% off or 1 night free)


Daily Schedule:
7-9AM Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation
9-10:30AM Detox-Drink, short Lecture
12AM Lunch
3-5PM Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation
5PM Detox Drink
5:30 PM Dinner
Between classes there is space reserved for integration and rest

Don’t plan to do anything in particular.


 – less doing more being –

Next  (&last Guatemala-Winter) -Retreat:  APRIL 09 – 15

Phone La Paz Hotel / Restaurant +502 4827-0371
(limited spaces available)

Phone Alejandro (Retreat Coordination) +502 3139-9564